Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fieldtrip in Cagayan de Oro :)

Last September 5, 2010, we had our Educational trip in CDO. I don’t fell too much excited because that was Sunday and I’ll be absent in our Military Science and there was a practice for our commissioning. But my choice was to joined the fieldtrip.

In the morning around 8:35am was our departure to CDO. My classmates were very excited. On the bus, while on the travel we sang our favorite songs together, took some pictures, laughed, ate our snacks and etc. We felt very happy that our mood was so good and we just laugh and laugh. Then around 10:30am we have reached CDO. We went first to SM and back around 11:30am. In SM, we had fun playing in the Fun Time. We spent lots of money to buy token and coins to gain tickets. Then around 11:30 we went to Macahambus Cave. Well, it is my very first time to explore a cave. Me and my group mates for our scrapbook for this activity, we took some important details and view the of the cave. The cave was not so pretty or let’s say wonderful. We saw many fossils in there and bunch of stalactite which are calcite deposits that build down from the roof of the cave. Macahambus Cave is a "thru" cave which means it can be entered at one end and exited at the other. There were also names that were written in the walls of the cave. I think that names were written by the soldiers because it was found out that it has three chambers, the hide-out and the exit of Kagay-anon Soldiers and their families in the Battle of Macahambus Hill which marked the first victory of the Filipinos against the Americans in the Phil- American war in this nation in 1900. When you are inside the cave, you will feel hot and warm. There’s no breeze that you can feel until you will start sweating. We were sweating at that time. While goofing around the cave, one of the teachers called us to proceed immediately to bus. We run as fast as we can. We came late to our bus and our teacher got a little bit angry. Then we went to Limketkai to have our lunch there. On the noon time, we just ate our lunch in the bus and we went inside. We went shopping and goofing around some stores for almost 3 hours. I bought also a pasalubong for my family from Goldilocks. Around 3:15pm we went back to our bus. And for our next destination was Initao Caves. There's a place in Initao where you can find Virgin Forest and lots of cave. Woooohhh! That last destination was soooo fun though we were very tired. There were 3 caves, The Bat Cave, The lover’s Cave and oh I forgot 3rd Cave but that cave was the toughest among all. That cave has a small space to get in. You will exert your energy by passing that cave. While we were inside, the floor was so slippery and there was no air. After some 10 minutes we have reached the exit. That was so difficult and challenging. We enjoy it very much. We got dirt because of the soil, we look very stinky and dirty but we were very proud of our dirty hands because we tried to get in that cave. Hahahaha! The Bat Cave is the cave where there are lots of bats, it was wide and you also see fossils and stalactites. On the lover’s cave was simple. It was just a small pass through cave but when you reached at the end you will see a beautiful sea. There is a space there where you can spend your time with your love ones. It is a good spot for lovers where you can have a date with a silent, peaceful and breathe taking place. It’s really nice!

Around 6pm we went to our bus. While on the way going to our bus, we were lost a bit but then we seek the right way because it was already dark and it is a forest. While going home to Iligan we sang again, took more pictures, ate our snacks, we laughed, and teased. Ahaha! It was one of my very memorable days that I will treasure.

Broken still Hopeful :)

Here I am again

Broken and anguish

Feeling fragile

Easy to be hurt

Smiling to hide the pain

Pretending to be alright

Feeling I’m going to die

Without you by my side

I seem to be strong

Even if I’m almost dying inside

Each day without you

Feels I really miss you

But I know there’s still a chance

Our love is sincere, yes we can!

I know we can make it

Someday, we’ll make everything okay again.ü