Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Road of Life

Being on the road of life constitutes a different form of love. I'm referring to self-love. But not in the narcissistic sense; rather, love that is understood in the context of self-value. With self-love comes the need to expand horizons, in response to the very real fear of living content within a bubble. This is the essence of self-love or self-value seeing life as one long journey to the unfamiliar, in order to come closer to grasping your place, your destiny in it. ~Justice Cabral

Saturday, December 15, 2012

it's killing me softly..

Being broken does not mean how long you've been together but it is about how you love that person and you can't just imagine that your story has already ended. Here I go again..

Today, I can't think straight. I'm in pain and it really bothers me.  I lose the love of my life because said he can't take it anymore being in a long distance relationship. He gave up. I am tired also of his style, I am the one who always adjusting him. We don't communicate always because he is too busy, so I understand him until I have felt that I am not important to him. He does texting me everyday but it came to the point that he treats me like an ordinary person to him. I don't even feel that I am special to him. There were no more spark the way he text me and there was no special treatment anymore. Mka.feel biya jud ta if mamugnaw ang usa ka tao sa imu, lahi rman gd. I was also thinking the positive side that maybe he is just too busy out there. I have persevered these because I love him. It doesn't mean also na ni taas akong expectations sa iyaha, because we know that if we are in a relationship we should do our responsibility and to do such things to make the relationship work. I don't have nothing to say sorry to him because frankly, wala jud ko nagkulang sa iyaha. :'( Really. I did my best to be the best girl. Wala pod nko xa gisakal or gpasakitan. I just really wondered why he CHANGE. And if I am really important to him, he should show me some care and do some effort in order to communicate with me, coz communication is our only way to keep in touch but he doesn't. I may not using the right words to say these but I really feel so down and hurt. I know it's the end of my life, but it hurts to think that your future goals and dreams with him are now broken and will never be happen. And also those happy moments you have shared and cherished. So, I've got nothing to do but also to give up even if I still love him. I do still love him. :3 I learned some lessons after ending the relationship and also to him.

I hope you guys can bear with me right now. If you think that I'm OA and too emotional then let it be. Just bear with me. :(

Saturday, November 24, 2012


happens for a reason. I do believe that God has better plans for me. There's no need to rush. :3 I'll just keep my faith to Him. :)

God bless.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I am..

in a long distance relationship. :')

I'll do my best to whatever it takes. I hope God will help me through it and I do believe that everything will work. I know God has a plan for me. We both need to trust each other, be loyal, have faith and learn perseverance. That's it. God bless us, and let's keep our faith! :) ♥♥♥

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My college days are exciting...

Exciting because I'm now in 3rd-year. My days are getting busier due to my major subjects. I don't have minor subjects anymore. We do always have an activity in my majors and lots of research paper works like case studies, empirical studies, life history research and proposals. In our research you have to go other places to conduct your research and gather your data. It's really fun studying different groups of people in our society. I've been to rural areas; Pugaan and Gitugum Mis Or. Went to the market and did a participant observation/study and many more. Another also, we've been teaching in Badjao community during weekends (by schedule). It's good when you teach especially when you really have that passion to teach. Well, me.. I think I don't have that consistent passion in teaching because I'm don't have that patience (sometimes :p) With addition also to my Sociological Theories subject (SOCIO118N) which made so furious. This subject is so hard for me, you need to read a bunch of theories, and it's sooo hard to absorb in my mind with all those unfamiliar phrases in my readings. You need to have a dictionary and a source from internet (or other source from your handouts) in order to understand the theories well. During exams, I am very afraid thinking that maybe I won't be able to answer all the questions and answer those bunch of essays given by our teacher. In order also to pass the exam, you need to have a complete content of your essay, you can't invented stories in essays which somehow I do when I don't know the topic is all about. Another exciting thing also is I became very close to my classmates. We do crazy things and crack some jokes. Our class is always fun especially during field-trips. We are vain, we always take photos and we even act like sisters and brothers. I got also new friends from other college because of friends of friends. I act so immature and stupid when I'm with my friends. How I wish we should cherish our moments together and have more bonding to have. I'm always wide awake during midnight. According to our rural teacher he said "It's time to burn your midnight candles". Which means our days will be busier because of major requirements. I hope I can make this; to do good in my studies and work well on my paper works in this semester so that I will have good grades.  I can't make this without God. He is my #1 inspiration, and also to my very supportive family; I can't live well without them,  my crazy friends and teachers. God bless to me, to you, to us. :)

Friday, June 1, 2012


I'm sooooo blessed ^____________^ :))

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy and Contented

with my life now. Thank you sooo much Lord! You are amazing :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

My 1st Doodle Drawing :D

ROTC Officer SY: 2010-2011

2nd Battalion- S2 Staff: Intelligence Officer

I will surely miss my ROTC training and to all the people who were part of it. I will treasure all the happiness, sadness, struggles, bondings, and the friendship.ü God bless to my batch mates, Senior officers and training staff. Thank you! :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fieldtrip in Cagayan de Oro :)

Last September 5, 2010, we had our Educational trip in CDO. I don’t fell too much excited because that was Sunday and I’ll be absent in our Military Science and there was a practice for our commissioning. But my choice was to joined the fieldtrip.

In the morning around 8:35am was our departure to CDO. My classmates were very excited. On the bus, while on the travel we sang our favorite songs together, took some pictures, laughed, ate our snacks and etc. We felt very happy that our mood was so good and we just laugh and laugh. Then around 10:30am we have reached CDO. We went first to SM and back around 11:30am. In SM, we had fun playing in the Fun Time. We spent lots of money to buy token and coins to gain tickets. Then around 11:30 we went to Macahambus Cave. Well, it is my very first time to explore a cave. Me and my group mates for our scrapbook for this activity, we took some important details and view the of the cave. The cave was not so pretty or let’s say wonderful. We saw many fossils in there and bunch of stalactite which are calcite deposits that build down from the roof of the cave. Macahambus Cave is a "thru" cave which means it can be entered at one end and exited at the other. There were also names that were written in the walls of the cave. I think that names were written by the soldiers because it was found out that it has three chambers, the hide-out and the exit of Kagay-anon Soldiers and their families in the Battle of Macahambus Hill which marked the first victory of the Filipinos against the Americans in the Phil- American war in this nation in 1900. When you are inside the cave, you will feel hot and warm. There’s no breeze that you can feel until you will start sweating. We were sweating at that time. While goofing around the cave, one of the teachers called us to proceed immediately to bus. We run as fast as we can. We came late to our bus and our teacher got a little bit angry. Then we went to Limketkai to have our lunch there. On the noon time, we just ate our lunch in the bus and we went inside. We went shopping and goofing around some stores for almost 3 hours. I bought also a pasalubong for my family from Goldilocks. Around 3:15pm we went back to our bus. And for our next destination was Initao Caves. There's a place in Initao where you can find Virgin Forest and lots of cave. Woooohhh! That last destination was soooo fun though we were very tired. There were 3 caves, The Bat Cave, The lover’s Cave and oh I forgot 3rd Cave but that cave was the toughest among all. That cave has a small space to get in. You will exert your energy by passing that cave. While we were inside, the floor was so slippery and there was no air. After some 10 minutes we have reached the exit. That was so difficult and challenging. We enjoy it very much. We got dirt because of the soil, we look very stinky and dirty but we were very proud of our dirty hands because we tried to get in that cave. Hahahaha! The Bat Cave is the cave where there are lots of bats, it was wide and you also see fossils and stalactites. On the lover’s cave was simple. It was just a small pass through cave but when you reached at the end you will see a beautiful sea. There is a space there where you can spend your time with your love ones. It is a good spot for lovers where you can have a date with a silent, peaceful and breathe taking place. It’s really nice!

Around 6pm we went to our bus. While on the way going to our bus, we were lost a bit but then we seek the right way because it was already dark and it is a forest. While going home to Iligan we sang again, took more pictures, ate our snacks, we laughed, and teased. Ahaha! It was one of my very memorable days that I will treasure.

Broken still Hopeful :)

Here I am again

Broken and anguish

Feeling fragile

Easy to be hurt

Smiling to hide the pain

Pretending to be alright

Feeling I’m going to die

Without you by my side

I seem to be strong

Even if I’m almost dying inside

Each day without you

Feels I really miss you

But I know there’s still a chance

Our love is sincere, yes we can!

I know we can make it

Someday, we’ll make everything okay again.ü

Monday, August 30, 2010

Essay: Why do early marriages fail?

In some cases early marriages fail, when a person marries at the young age which is about 19 and below. The marriage will surely not work out because at their age, they are curious, adventurous and very aggressive, it’s not the love they feel but lust. They can hardly adjust with each other and that is why they can’t help fighting each other because it is the source of misunderstanding. At young age you can’t or you didn’t think first this situation will bring you, you always think on the present without minding the future, we’re sometimes are close-minded because we only consider our own thinking’s and doings but not the others. In our age we are still dependent in our parents though we think that we are grown-up and old enough to face difficult problems which our parents have already faced. We make decisions quickly but don’t think about the consequences. We will just realize our faults and failure when we are old. Because of financial problems, many families are now suffering poverty and their children cannot finish their studies and so they choose to marry early and they think that they have no future. They think that we need to be practical.

Feelings of dread and trauma..

I will share to you my classmate’s experience. One afternoon they were 4 girls including Thereza who were standing near the traffic light in Brgy. Tambo to ride on a jeep to go home. While they were waiting for a jeep, there was a stranger man, he looks like an addict who attempts to snatch Thereza’s phone. Thereza was shocked. She doesn’t know what to do. She was mental blocked for what happened. She never thought that someone would grab her phone as fast as that. Then the snatcher got her phone and run away. She said that’s the feeling of trauma. She wants to cry but she can’t. After few minutes, she recalls for what happened to her then she started to cry while thinking also what will happen to her if her parents will knew it. She was dreadful while she was going home.

She learned that we should not display our valuables in public places because sometimes our lives will be in danger.

Narrative Report: “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”



*Maya Angelou- a negra girl who described her experiences from her old school to her new school.

*Miss Kirwin- Maya’s favorite teacher who loves teaching, a brilliant teacher.


San Francisco- where George Washington High School located.


The story goes like this, Maya Angelou studied in a local high school. She tells about the students there. Majority of the students there are like her, negra. Then, unfortunately she transferred to George Washington High School.


When she was in her new school, she felt strange. Most students there were white. She felt dreadful and trauma. She can’t get over while she was away from her familiar neighborhood of the blacks. Her white classmates there have better vocabulary than her.


Fortunately, Maya met a brilliant teacher. That teacher was Miss Kirwin. Miss Kirwin was Maya’s favorite teacher. Miss Kirwin was the only teacher she remembered. Miss Kirwin has a good attitude and she is different from other teachers. She is a rare educator and she has a passion to teach. Maya also conclude that Miss Kirwin never seemed to notice that she was black and therefore different. These are the things that Maya felt okay and got no worries anymore. She enjoyed schooling in George Washington High School.


After years later, Maya came back to San Francisco and went to George Washington High School to visit Miss Kirwin. Miss Kirwin always remembered her that she was Ms. Johnson, the girl who had good mind. Maya knew that she was the only teacher she remembered.

An Application Letter :)

#0006 Purok 4

Tibanga, Iligan City

August 19, 2009

Honorable Mayor Lawrence Ll. Cruz

Mayor’s Office

Pala-o, Iligan City


I have heard from a very reliable source that you will choose (high school graduate) to be your scholars of your good office.

I would like to get a Mayor’s scholarship for my college degree. I really need this scholarship program to lessen my tuition fees and to help my family. I am presently a 4th year high school student of Iligan City East High School, Sta. Filomena and I expect to graduate this coming March 2010.

I have already asked permission from my high school teachers to use their names as my references. They can give you information regarding my character and work attitude.

Mrs. Rosemarie Ann Saavedra Secondary School Principal

Iligan City East High School

Sta. Filomena, Iligan City

Mrs. Dareen Corpuz Class Adviser

Iligan City East High School

Sta. Filomena, Iligan City

Mrs. Fe Oblenda English Teacher

Iligan City East High School

Sta. Filomena, Iligan City

Attached herewith is my bio-data.

I am willing to come for an interview at anytime. Please use my address above to contact me.

Respecfully yours,

Tina Abigail B. Purganan

Difficulty :(

When I was in elementary and high school, I thought that college life was not that difficult. I thought that college life is just another chapter of your school career. Well, I think college is the most complicated, TOUGHEST! I agree! College life is not commodious. Other says that it’s just average. Well, for me it’s very difficult and I’m really struggling on my subjects.

I admit that I’m a lazy person, apathetic. I’m active in school activities and stuffs but I get lazy when it comes to studying my lessons. I have many plans to change myself but my plans are just wasted because I’m very lazy to do it. Studying in college needs more study habits, discipline, focus and time management. These factors can help me through it but I’m always tempted to watch TV, to sleep, having much time on the computer and texting. These are my hobbies, really sucks but I’m convivial of doing it.

But how can I still focus on my studies if keep on doing my unimportant things. I’m very confused! Why I am tempted? I’m really hoping as early as now I must change because if I will remain being lazy, I will not have a good future. Changing myself into a responsible one is for my own sake.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

June 29, 2010 ♥

This day was a memorable day. I had lot of fun and excitement in this day. In the morning around 7am my father dropped me to school and what a surprised because we don’t have class in our P.E.. My classmates and I were gay but one of my classmate was worried because her phone was lost and she thought maybe the phone was in the jeep so we helped her to find it.

Walking along the way in SET bldg. with my classmates I saw my very special friend: Kevin

:D.We chatted a little because he will have his math class in CSM bldg. That was fine and I am happy because I have not seen him for 3days.

Well, go back to my classmate, she texted her phone to bring it back to her and we waited for reply. After that, we went to CASS bldg, our college for our next subject English 1. While waiting, my classmates and I were chatting in the student lounge. I have a classmate who was one I really chatted all the way. She said, she had many weird and scary dreams. When she shared it to me, I felt creepy and I told her to pray to God always. After chatting, we went to canteen and buy some hot champorado. I had a great time with my classmates; we talked and laugh a lot. Hihihihihi!

We had our class in English 1. Our English 1 subject was interesting especially our teacher who teaches us very well, very kind and patient and you can easily understand her lessons well. She also shared her experiences and teaching good values. It was interesting.

In the noon, I had my lunch at home and I was preparing some stuff needed for our speech choir presentation in our English 3 class on 6pm. I brought a cloth, speakers and my mp4 for our background music. I also wore a color black shirt at that time because we had planned to wear black.
Around 2pm I went back to school to have a final practice for our speech choir. Well, actually we just practice a little bit on that time because we were enjoying taking pictures. Taking pictures with your friends is really fun.  My classmate also found her phone; the driver brought it back to her. We were very happy. On around 4:30pm we went to CSM bldg. for our Math class. In our math class, I felt a bit nervous because maybe I can’t understand what was our teacher discussing but I keep cheering up myself that I can do it and I must practice solving math problems.

After our Math class we went immediately to CASS bldg. for our English 3 class. I went to the comfort room first and I saw my Mom she was asking me if were done presenting our speech choir then I answered, “Karon pa Ma ui, Kulbaan na kaayo ko”. Then my Mom answered, “Oh good luck anak.” Then I blessed my mom and went to our classroom. This is it! Woohhh! We prepared the things we need for the presentation and we presented it. Weeee! I felt so agitated and active.

The feedbacks of our judges were not that good. They said that the setting was solemn and the music really fits to the poem but the people, I mean we were not that good to deliver the poem. They said, we lacked of actions and it would be better if we put some actions on it. That presentation was still good for me, because I was the leader. I really give efforts on it but the problem was my group mates were not that cooperative and we lacked of time to practice seriously.

After the class around 7:30pm my friend Kevin was waiting for me to go home. I never expected that he waited me because I thought he went home earlier. We went out of the school together and he dropped in the street of our Brgy. then he left. While I was riding on a “tricicad” (A 4-wheel bicycle ride) I felt blissful, very stressful yet adorable and blessed day. Thank you Lord for this day. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

• I Love & Like ♥

In this composition I would like to share or tell my likes and loves. Well, name’s Tinagail♥ and I have a lot of things and stuff that I love and like.

I like color green because it’s my favorite color. Green looks cool and it symbolizes nature. I love to sing and it’s my talent but I don’t expose it because I’m shy. Hahaha! (giggling) I love to clean our house if I’m in the mood. I love taking photos because I’m in vain, very vain. I love to edit some pictures because I’m creative and I want to know more techniques in editing a picture. I like surfing on the internet because I’m an internet addict. I love reading books if it’s interesting. I love chatting with my friends especially the “ka-vibe” ones; I really enjoy talking with them sharing some stupid and funny things. I love to eat because I’m a human I get hungry; sometimes I eat a lot whenever I’m depress? Never mind!

I love listening music especially my favorite type of songs. I like drafting stuffs like printing, painting, and other skills; I just learned these stuffs when I was in 4thyear High school, our TLE subject was drafting and whole of the school year in our TLE was teaching drafting lessons and were so busy making some plates because it was a requirement. It was fun and I really learned a lot from it.

I love being active at school because school life is fun and you’ll learn many things and lessons each day. I am thankful that God give me an opportunity to go school and for my parents who made many sacrifices for us to have a better life and future. I’m a very blessed to have them.

I love cooking because I love to eat and eat. I want to experiment some foods and stuffs. I love texting on my phone which I always do. I love playing soccer; I’m a soccer player when I was in High school. I love playing this because it makes me slim but I haven’t playing soccer now, missing it. I love to sleep especially when I’m tired or stress.

I love watching Glee episodes, they are great performers. Sometimes I felt I’m one of them because whenever I watched them performing, it makes me grove and sing too. I love their song versions, very unique. I love planting because I’m a nature lover. I love bonding with my family like chatting, teasing, etc. I love being with them, they make me laugh always, especially when my mother and brother are teasing each other. They’re very funny. I would like to learn how to play violin but I don’t know how to play and taking violin class is very expensive.

And lastly, I love God, my family including my relatives, my friends, my companions, and all the people who are part of my life. They are my every thing. So, I guess it ends here. Thank you so much for reading this. God Bless.^^

Thursday, July 15, 2010



Name: Tina Abigail Barazon Purganan
Birthdate: August 28
Address: Iligan City, Philippines
Company: Eastern Football Club | Kawaii :D
| MSU-IIT Rotc Officer 10-11
Affiliations: Roman Catholic
Relationship Status: Single & Happy ♥


What I enjoy doing:
texting| reading books | planting | eating | cooking | playing soccer | singing | taking pictures | cheering | chatting/talking with my families and friends | updating my accounts in the internet: friendster, multiply, facebook, tagged, plurk, twitter, myspace, fanIQ, yahoo mail & messenger, google, blogspot, youtube, photobucket, etc.. | playing FACEBOOK games *before :P | watching TV or movies | listening music | cleaning some stuffs | painting, printing, etc: Drafting Skills | playing with our dog: Chowder | editing photos | SMiLiNG: my most favorite exercise, ahahaha :))

Soccer | I play badminton and basketball sometimes.


French fries| Rolled pizza or pizza | Vegetable salad | Native Delicacy | many more.. ;D

ABNKKBSNPLAKO- Bob Ong | The adventures of Huckleberry Finn- Mark Twain | Tom Sawyer- Mark Twain | The Chronicles of Narnia- C.S Lewis |The Match Maker of Kenmare | I usually read books like medical books, encyclopedia, dictionary, scary books, journal/true life story and etc..

A Walk to Remember | Korean movies | Titanic | Comedy movies| Charlie Chaplin (series) | Mr. Bean (series) | Bring it on (series) | Hollywood movies –I forgot to name them | Glee (series)
| Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE♥

TV Shows:
MTV | Abs-Cbn | Studio 23 | Star World | HBO | Cartoon Network: Chowder, Ben10 | Solar Sports: Soccer | National Geographic Channel | Lifestyle Network | Glee | many more..

Turn wishing into working and you can gain what you will..♥

-to be continue…

Family is the BEST! :'D

I really thank God for giving me a very nice family. I love my family, they are the one who take good care of me since I was little and until now. I’m so happy because they are still there for me and teach me what is the right thing to do in times when I'm very wrong.:')

Love your Families :D