Thursday, September 13, 2012

My college days are exciting...

Exciting because I'm now in 3rd-year. My days are getting busier due to my major subjects. I don't have minor subjects anymore. We do always have an activity in my majors and lots of research paper works like case studies, empirical studies, life history research and proposals. In our research you have to go other places to conduct your research and gather your data. It's really fun studying different groups of people in our society. I've been to rural areas; Pugaan and Gitugum Mis Or. Went to the market and did a participant observation/study and many more. Another also, we've been teaching in Badjao community during weekends (by schedule). It's good when you teach especially when you really have that passion to teach. Well, me.. I think I don't have that consistent passion in teaching because I'm don't have that patience (sometimes :p) With addition also to my Sociological Theories subject (SOCIO118N) which made so furious. This subject is so hard for me, you need to read a bunch of theories, and it's sooo hard to absorb in my mind with all those unfamiliar phrases in my readings. You need to have a dictionary and a source from internet (or other source from your handouts) in order to understand the theories well. During exams, I am very afraid thinking that maybe I won't be able to answer all the questions and answer those bunch of essays given by our teacher. In order also to pass the exam, you need to have a complete content of your essay, you can't invented stories in essays which somehow I do when I don't know the topic is all about. Another exciting thing also is I became very close to my classmates. We do crazy things and crack some jokes. Our class is always fun especially during field-trips. We are vain, we always take photos and we even act like sisters and brothers. I got also new friends from other college because of friends of friends. I act so immature and stupid when I'm with my friends. How I wish we should cherish our moments together and have more bonding to have. I'm always wide awake during midnight. According to our rural teacher he said "It's time to burn your midnight candles". Which means our days will be busier because of major requirements. I hope I can make this; to do good in my studies and work well on my paper works in this semester so that I will have good grades.  I can't make this without God. He is my #1 inspiration, and also to my very supportive family; I can't live well without them,  my crazy friends and teachers. God bless to me, to you, to us. :)

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