Thursday, July 15, 2010



Name: Tina Abigail Barazon Purganan
Birthdate: August 28
Address: Iligan City, Philippines
Company: Eastern Football Club | Kawaii :D
| MSU-IIT Rotc Officer 10-11
Affiliations: Roman Catholic
Relationship Status: Single & Happy ♥


What I enjoy doing:
texting| reading books | planting | eating | cooking | playing soccer | singing | taking pictures | cheering | chatting/talking with my families and friends | updating my accounts in the internet: friendster, multiply, facebook, tagged, plurk, twitter, myspace, fanIQ, yahoo mail & messenger, google, blogspot, youtube, photobucket, etc.. | playing FACEBOOK games *before :P | watching TV or movies | listening music | cleaning some stuffs | painting, printing, etc: Drafting Skills | playing with our dog: Chowder | editing photos | SMiLiNG: my most favorite exercise, ahahaha :))

Soccer | I play badminton and basketball sometimes.


French fries| Rolled pizza or pizza | Vegetable salad | Native Delicacy | many more.. ;D

ABNKKBSNPLAKO- Bob Ong | The adventures of Huckleberry Finn- Mark Twain | Tom Sawyer- Mark Twain | The Chronicles of Narnia- C.S Lewis |The Match Maker of Kenmare | I usually read books like medical books, encyclopedia, dictionary, scary books, journal/true life story and etc..

A Walk to Remember | Korean movies | Titanic | Comedy movies| Charlie Chaplin (series) | Mr. Bean (series) | Bring it on (series) | Hollywood movies –I forgot to name them | Glee (series)
| Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE♥

TV Shows:
MTV | Abs-Cbn | Studio 23 | Star World | HBO | Cartoon Network: Chowder, Ben10 | Solar Sports: Soccer | National Geographic Channel | Lifestyle Network | Glee | many more..

Turn wishing into working and you can gain what you will..♥

-to be continue…

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