Sunday, July 18, 2010

• I Love & Like ♥

In this composition I would like to share or tell my likes and loves. Well, name’s Tinagail♥ and I have a lot of things and stuff that I love and like.

I like color green because it’s my favorite color. Green looks cool and it symbolizes nature. I love to sing and it’s my talent but I don’t expose it because I’m shy. Hahaha! (giggling) I love to clean our house if I’m in the mood. I love taking photos because I’m in vain, very vain. I love to edit some pictures because I’m creative and I want to know more techniques in editing a picture. I like surfing on the internet because I’m an internet addict. I love reading books if it’s interesting. I love chatting with my friends especially the “ka-vibe” ones; I really enjoy talking with them sharing some stupid and funny things. I love to eat because I’m a human I get hungry; sometimes I eat a lot whenever I’m depress? Never mind!

I love listening music especially my favorite type of songs. I like drafting stuffs like printing, painting, and other skills; I just learned these stuffs when I was in 4thyear High school, our TLE subject was drafting and whole of the school year in our TLE was teaching drafting lessons and were so busy making some plates because it was a requirement. It was fun and I really learned a lot from it.

I love being active at school because school life is fun and you’ll learn many things and lessons each day. I am thankful that God give me an opportunity to go school and for my parents who made many sacrifices for us to have a better life and future. I’m a very blessed to have them.

I love cooking because I love to eat and eat. I want to experiment some foods and stuffs. I love texting on my phone which I always do. I love playing soccer; I’m a soccer player when I was in High school. I love playing this because it makes me slim but I haven’t playing soccer now, missing it. I love to sleep especially when I’m tired or stress.

I love watching Glee episodes, they are great performers. Sometimes I felt I’m one of them because whenever I watched them performing, it makes me grove and sing too. I love their song versions, very unique. I love planting because I’m a nature lover. I love bonding with my family like chatting, teasing, etc. I love being with them, they make me laugh always, especially when my mother and brother are teasing each other. They’re very funny. I would like to learn how to play violin but I don’t know how to play and taking violin class is very expensive.

And lastly, I love God, my family including my relatives, my friends, my companions, and all the people who are part of my life. They are my every thing. So, I guess it ends here. Thank you so much for reading this. God Bless.^^

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