Sunday, August 29, 2010

June 29, 2010 ♥

This day was a memorable day. I had lot of fun and excitement in this day. In the morning around 7am my father dropped me to school and what a surprised because we don’t have class in our P.E.. My classmates and I were gay but one of my classmate was worried because her phone was lost and she thought maybe the phone was in the jeep so we helped her to find it.

Walking along the way in SET bldg. with my classmates I saw my very special friend: Kevin

:D.We chatted a little because he will have his math class in CSM bldg. That was fine and I am happy because I have not seen him for 3days.

Well, go back to my classmate, she texted her phone to bring it back to her and we waited for reply. After that, we went to CASS bldg, our college for our next subject English 1. While waiting, my classmates and I were chatting in the student lounge. I have a classmate who was one I really chatted all the way. She said, she had many weird and scary dreams. When she shared it to me, I felt creepy and I told her to pray to God always. After chatting, we went to canteen and buy some hot champorado. I had a great time with my classmates; we talked and laugh a lot. Hihihihihi!

We had our class in English 1. Our English 1 subject was interesting especially our teacher who teaches us very well, very kind and patient and you can easily understand her lessons well. She also shared her experiences and teaching good values. It was interesting.

In the noon, I had my lunch at home and I was preparing some stuff needed for our speech choir presentation in our English 3 class on 6pm. I brought a cloth, speakers and my mp4 for our background music. I also wore a color black shirt at that time because we had planned to wear black.
Around 2pm I went back to school to have a final practice for our speech choir. Well, actually we just practice a little bit on that time because we were enjoying taking pictures. Taking pictures with your friends is really fun.  My classmate also found her phone; the driver brought it back to her. We were very happy. On around 4:30pm we went to CSM bldg. for our Math class. In our math class, I felt a bit nervous because maybe I can’t understand what was our teacher discussing but I keep cheering up myself that I can do it and I must practice solving math problems.

After our Math class we went immediately to CASS bldg. for our English 3 class. I went to the comfort room first and I saw my Mom she was asking me if were done presenting our speech choir then I answered, “Karon pa Ma ui, Kulbaan na kaayo ko”. Then my Mom answered, “Oh good luck anak.” Then I blessed my mom and went to our classroom. This is it! Woohhh! We prepared the things we need for the presentation and we presented it. Weeee! I felt so agitated and active.

The feedbacks of our judges were not that good. They said that the setting was solemn and the music really fits to the poem but the people, I mean we were not that good to deliver the poem. They said, we lacked of actions and it would be better if we put some actions on it. That presentation was still good for me, because I was the leader. I really give efforts on it but the problem was my group mates were not that cooperative and we lacked of time to practice seriously.

After the class around 7:30pm my friend Kevin was waiting for me to go home. I never expected that he waited me because I thought he went home earlier. We went out of the school together and he dropped in the street of our Brgy. then he left. While I was riding on a “tricicad” (A 4-wheel bicycle ride) I felt blissful, very stressful yet adorable and blessed day. Thank you Lord for this day. 

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