Monday, August 30, 2010

Difficulty :(

When I was in elementary and high school, I thought that college life was not that difficult. I thought that college life is just another chapter of your school career. Well, I think college is the most complicated, TOUGHEST! I agree! College life is not commodious. Other says that it’s just average. Well, for me it’s very difficult and I’m really struggling on my subjects.

I admit that I’m a lazy person, apathetic. I’m active in school activities and stuffs but I get lazy when it comes to studying my lessons. I have many plans to change myself but my plans are just wasted because I’m very lazy to do it. Studying in college needs more study habits, discipline, focus and time management. These factors can help me through it but I’m always tempted to watch TV, to sleep, having much time on the computer and texting. These are my hobbies, really sucks but I’m convivial of doing it.

But how can I still focus on my studies if keep on doing my unimportant things. I’m very confused! Why I am tempted? I’m really hoping as early as now I must change because if I will remain being lazy, I will not have a good future. Changing myself into a responsible one is for my own sake.

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