Monday, August 30, 2010

Essay: Why do early marriages fail?

In some cases early marriages fail, when a person marries at the young age which is about 19 and below. The marriage will surely not work out because at their age, they are curious, adventurous and very aggressive, it’s not the love they feel but lust. They can hardly adjust with each other and that is why they can’t help fighting each other because it is the source of misunderstanding. At young age you can’t or you didn’t think first this situation will bring you, you always think on the present without minding the future, we’re sometimes are close-minded because we only consider our own thinking’s and doings but not the others. In our age we are still dependent in our parents though we think that we are grown-up and old enough to face difficult problems which our parents have already faced. We make decisions quickly but don’t think about the consequences. We will just realize our faults and failure when we are old. Because of financial problems, many families are now suffering poverty and their children cannot finish their studies and so they choose to marry early and they think that they have no future. They think that we need to be practical.

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