Monday, August 30, 2010

Feelings of dread and trauma..

I will share to you my classmate’s experience. One afternoon they were 4 girls including Thereza who were standing near the traffic light in Brgy. Tambo to ride on a jeep to go home. While they were waiting for a jeep, there was a stranger man, he looks like an addict who attempts to snatch Thereza’s phone. Thereza was shocked. She doesn’t know what to do. She was mental blocked for what happened. She never thought that someone would grab her phone as fast as that. Then the snatcher got her phone and run away. She said that’s the feeling of trauma. She wants to cry but she can’t. After few minutes, she recalls for what happened to her then she started to cry while thinking also what will happen to her if her parents will knew it. She was dreadful while she was going home.

She learned that we should not display our valuables in public places because sometimes our lives will be in danger.

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