Monday, August 30, 2010

Narrative Report: “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”



*Maya Angelou- a negra girl who described her experiences from her old school to her new school.

*Miss Kirwin- Maya’s favorite teacher who loves teaching, a brilliant teacher.


San Francisco- where George Washington High School located.


The story goes like this, Maya Angelou studied in a local high school. She tells about the students there. Majority of the students there are like her, negra. Then, unfortunately she transferred to George Washington High School.


When she was in her new school, she felt strange. Most students there were white. She felt dreadful and trauma. She can’t get over while she was away from her familiar neighborhood of the blacks. Her white classmates there have better vocabulary than her.


Fortunately, Maya met a brilliant teacher. That teacher was Miss Kirwin. Miss Kirwin was Maya’s favorite teacher. Miss Kirwin was the only teacher she remembered. Miss Kirwin has a good attitude and she is different from other teachers. She is a rare educator and she has a passion to teach. Maya also conclude that Miss Kirwin never seemed to notice that she was black and therefore different. These are the things that Maya felt okay and got no worries anymore. She enjoyed schooling in George Washington High School.


After years later, Maya came back to San Francisco and went to George Washington High School to visit Miss Kirwin. Miss Kirwin always remembered her that she was Ms. Johnson, the girl who had good mind. Maya knew that she was the only teacher she remembered.

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